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The Brief ...

Draw a creature from your imagination – it can be anything!


It could be based on an animal, your favourite food, a fun day that you had or a monster from a story that you made up! As long as you enjoy making it, that’s what matters. 


Three winners will be chosen after the final submission date (19th April 2024) and AJ will create your creatures in clay (with a special blob twist) and send them back to you to keep forever!

How to Enter ...

To enter;

  • You must be up to 12 years old

  • You can be from anywhere in the world

  • You can submit a drawing with colour (or with a colour description)

  • Or you can submit a model made using a craft of your choice.

All entries must be completed by a parent, guardian or teacher.


You can find the entry form below

Our Online Exhibition

"Thank you to all of the talented young artists who have submitted their work so far for the competition. I love each and every one of them and have really enjoyed seeing all of your artwork. It will be so hard to choose which ones to make out of clay! Keep using your imagination and having fun with your crafts - you never know where it might take you in the future!"

- AJ

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